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Polarity Shift is an Alliance Reroll guild on Argent Dawn (EU) which started June 9th 2013. Since starting, Polarity Shift has seen a large influx of new members who are all eager to play the game how it was meant to be played, with friends!

We strive for good results and a great social atmosphere where everyone can feel at home. We welcome all players new and old (though we do have an 18+ age limit) into our friendly guild full of fun and loving people. We are primarily aimed at casual, mature people with limited time (families and/or other commitments) and whom enjoy the social aspect of the game. A clean slate and an opportunity to make new friends and have fun together is what we are about. Hopefully with us, you will find a permanent home in the World of Warcraft.

We feel that the strong community developed from our reroll project will allow us to move through older content and progress towards casual high end raiding. We raid two nights a week and take a laid back, yet determined approach.

Together as a community we can achieve great things!
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